Brentwood Locals is a protest team, protesting about being bad at skateboarding. Most of
our original lineup got injured and were replaced, and we ended up as me, Charlie, hand
cast and all, Ross, the blonde powerhouse, Shaun, the world’s foremost skate rapper,
Toby, our young ward and heelflip enthusiast, Ad, who somehow managed not to get drunk
the entire weekend, John, King of consistency and Harry, the retired veteran. We used the
weekend mainly to get drunk and pretend we were professional skateboarders and as a
result we had a really phenomenal time and saw some places we didn’t know existed.
Most of us found a new favourite park, I think all of us learned a new trick or 2 and we all
had moments of skating better than we have before (Normally when the camera was off).
A vote for us is a vote for wheely wood fans.